Parker 421 Medium Pressure

Parker 421 Medium Pressure Compact Hydraulic Hose

Parker's Medium Pressure No-Skive  hoses  421SN, 421RH and 421WC according to EN 853 1SN - ISO 1436 Type 1 with the No-Skive thin cover hose construction is the ideal range for general medium pressure applications. This hose offers extended fluid compatibility and is the ideal hose for the machine tool and glass industry, general medium pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and water and oil cooling circuits.


  • Mobile
  • Industrial
  • Transportation


  • Matched hose and fitting system guarantees an approved and safe combination and the highest quality and safety, combined with the longest service life of the final product to the end-users.
  • The hose type 421SN has a nitrile (NBR) inner tube for extended fluid compatibility.
  •  The 421WC with a galvanized steel wire cover is metal and glass hot spot resistant and therefore ideal for the machine tool and glass industry.
  • 421RH with a nitrile (NBR) inner tube and a fire retardant cover (no additional fire sleeves are needed) is railway approved according to EN45545 and ISO15540, making this the ideal hose for general medium pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems as well as water and oil cooling circuits.
  • Complete No-Skive fitting technology across the full range of medium pressure hoses providing simpler, quicker and safer hose assembly.


  • General medium pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Water and oil cooling circuits
  • Machine tool and glass industry
  • Railway
  • Agriculture and forestry machines

Parker's Medium Pressures Hoses  421SN, 421RH and 421WC are compatible with the Parker Parkrimp medium pressure fitting series 48 (421WC with 43 series).


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